A card to track custom cards and custom component updates
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📣 Tracker card

A card to track updates for custom cards and custom components. It uses the custom_updater component to sync versions and allows for updates of cards and components from the UI. ♠️♣️♥️♦️



Name Type Default Description
type string Required custom:tracker-card
trackers list ['sensor.custom_card_tracker', 'sensor.custom_component_tracker'] A list sensors to use for tracking, sensor.custom_card_tracker and/or sensor.custom_component_tracker
title string 📣 Updates Name to display on card
name_text string Name translation for Name
current_text string Current translation for Current
available_text string Available translation for Available
check_text string Check translation for Check
update_all_text string Update All translation for Update All

Installation and tracking with custom_updater

Before you install this you need to complete the installation steps for custom_updater

  1. Configure Lovelace to load the card:.
  - url: /customcards/github/custom-cards/tracker-card.js?track=true
    type: module
  1. Run the service custom_updater.check_all or restart Home Assistant.

  2. Refresh the front end.

  3. Add this in your Lovelace configuration.

type: custom:tracker-card

Installation demo