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πŸ“° RSS feed custom component for Home Assistant
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RSS feed custom component for Home Assistant which can be used in conjunction with the custom Lovelace list-card

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To get started put /custom_components/feedparser/ here: <config directory>/custom_components/feedparser/

Example configuration.yaml:

  platform: feedparser
  name: Engineering Feed
  feed_url: ''
  date_format: '%a, %b %d %I:%M %p'
    - title
    - link
    - description
    - image
    - language
    - pubDate
    - language

Configuration variables:

key description
platform (Required) The platform name
name (Required) Name your feed
feed_url (Required) The RSS feed URL
date_format (Optional) strftime date format for date strings Default %a, %b %d %I:%M %p
inclusions (Optional) List of fields to include from populating the list
exclusions (Optional) List of fields to exclude from populating the list

Note: Will return all fields if no inclusions or exclusions are specified

Due to how custom_components are loaded, it is normal to see a ModuleNotFoundError error on first boot after adding this, to resolve it, restart Home-Assistant.

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