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A platform which allows you to get information from Tautulli.
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This is now a part of Home Assistant

sensor.tautulli Build Status

A platform which allows you to get information from Tautulli.

To get started put /custom_components/sensor/ here:
<config directory>/custom_components/sensor/

Example configuration.yaml:

  platform: tautulli
  api_key: 24b6eac0a858748664878d146bf63623b4
    - magic_title

Configuration variables:

key description
platform (Required) The sensor platform name.
api_key (Required) Your Tautulli api_key
host (Required) The IP adress of the server running Tautulli.
port (Optional) The port the Tautulli uses, defaults to 8181
ssl (Optional) Set to Trueif your Tautulli instance uses SSL, defaults to False.
monitored_conditions (Optional) A list of monitored_conditions you want to monitor.
monitored_users (Optional) A list of users you want to monitor, if none is defined all users will be monitored. NB!: Case sensetive!

Due to how custom_componentes are loaded, it is normal to see a ModuleNotFoundError error on first boot after adding this, to resolve it, restart Home-Assistant.

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