Elisp library for converting first letter of Pinyin to Simplified/Traditional Chinese characters
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Library for converting first letter of Pinyin to Simplified/Traditional Chinese characters.



pinyinlib-build-regexp-char converts a letter to a regular expression containing all the Chinese characters whose pinyins start with the letter. It accepts four parameters:

char &optional no-punc-p tranditional-p only-chinese-p

The first parameter char is the letter to be converted. The latter three parameters are optional.

  • If no-punc-p is t: it will not convert English punctuations to Chinese punctuations.
  • If traditional-p is t: traditional Chinese characters are used instead of simplified Chinese characters.
  • If only-chinese-p is t: the resulting regular expression doesn’t contain the English letter char.

When converting English punctuactions to Chinese/English punctuations, it uses the following table:

English PunctuationChinese & English Punctuations


It is same as pinyinlib-build-regexp-char, except that its first parameter is a string so that it can convert a sequence of letters to a regular expression.

Packages that Use This Library



Contributions are always welcome. If you want to add some common pinyin related functions that might be useful for other packages, please send me a PR.