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Browser extension to help cleanup Stack Overflow
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This browser extension will help you close voting questions on Stack Overflow.

It will convert all [cv-pls] and [delv-pls] requests into nice oneboxes in the SO chat.

This repository holds the core application code, in order to use it you will need to use one of the browser-specific wrappers. Currently the following wrappers are available:

Browser Stable Development
Google Chrome 0.20.0 None
Mozilla Firefox 0.20.0 None

Please see the relevant project for browser-specific notes and installation instructions.

Feature Overview

  • Turn [cv-pls] and [delv-pls] requests into oneboxes
  • Convenience buttons for creating [cv-pls] and [delv-pls] requests
  • Various options for being notified of new requests, including @mention beep and avatar notifications
  • Integration with the CVBacklog
  • Request progress indication in oneboxes and/or by striking through completed requests
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