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CVE-Search Changelog

What's new in CVE-Search v2.1?

  • Plug-in manager bugfixes and features
  • Use datetime objects in the database
  • password change option in web interface
  • code revision

The upgrade from CVE-Search v1.x or v2 to v2.1 requires a database refill. Run the ./sbin/db_updater script with the -f option to do this and keep the user data.

Note: The above comand might influence the database dates. If you wish to keep the dates as-is, read the steps here

What's new in CVE-Search v2?

  • Plug-in manager
  • Bugfixes
  • Master pages
  • Working towards Windows compatibility
  • Internal working restructuring
    • Database abstraction
    • Database searching
    • Function streamlining
  • CWE browser
  • User requests
    • Posibility to view last update log in web interface
    • Minimal update (only CVE and CPE)

The update from CVE-Search v1.x to v2 will require database modifications if you wish to keep user data. The database does not have to be re-imported, but collections have to be moved around. You can find the steps here