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Arduino library for 256x64 OLED ER-OLED032-1 (SSD1322 driver)
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Arduino/ESP8266 SSD1322 Library

For Newhaven NHD-3.12-25664UCY2 OLED Display

The Adafruit GFX introduces graphics primitives (points, lines, circles, etc.). This library add support for the Newhaven NHD-3.12-25664UCY2 256x64x16 Yellow OLED Display. The driver supports 4-wire SPI mode.

This repository was forked from ESP8266_SSD1322 that in turn was based on Adafruit SSD1306.

Introducing support for Arduino 101

Changes compared to ESP8266_SSD1322:

  • Add support for the Arduino 101 (native 3.3 Volt, base on Intel Curie)
  • Along the way, I did some minor touch ups:
    • add support for !RESET connected to hardware reset instead of GPIO pin (saves me 1 pin)
    • remove unused variables (rowTerminated, offScreen, color)
    • suppress compiler warning strict-aliasing when accessing fonts
    • remove unused pointer value access e.g. string++ instead of string++
    • add test for flash_address unassigned
    • add headers to files indicating support for SSD1322.


OLED Arduino 101
#1 (Vss) GND
#2 (Vdd) 3V3 (up to 271 mA, use external power supply to Arduino 101)
#4 (D/!C) D9
#7 (SCLK) D13 (hardware SPI SCLK)
#8 (SDIN) D11 (hardware SPI MOSI)
#17 (!CS) D10
#5,#6,#10-14,#19,#20 GND
#3, #9, #15, #18 not connected

Tested and passed on Arduino 101. I like this display, and being able to use the Adafruit GFX primitives is even better!



For the datasheet and protocol details refer to

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