Angular2 async pipe implemented as Angular 1 filter to handle promises & RxJS observables
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Angular1 async filter

Angular2 async pipe implemented as Angular 1 filter to handle Promises & RxJS Observables

The async filter takes a Promise or Observable as input and subscribes to the input automatically, eventually returning the emitted value(s) similarly as with Angular2 Async pipe. Works with RxJS Observables even without


Install from npm:

npm install angular1-async-filter --save

And bundle with Browserify, Webpack etc.

Or install with bower:

bower install angular1-async-filter --save

And add script to html:

<script src="bower_components/angular1-async-filter/async-filter.js"></script>

Add Angular module dependency. For example:

angular.module('myApp', ['asyncFilter']);


Basic usage:

<div>Value: {{ promiseOrObservable | async }}</div>

Works with any directive that takes an expression, like ng-if, ng-show and ng-repeat etc.

    <li ng-repeat="item in list|async">{{ item }}</li>

Angular $q and $http promises automatically trigger digest cycle when they resolve so all views will get updated. For compatibility with RxJS Observables, as well as other Promise or Observable implementations, you can provide the current scope as a parameter to the filter, which will then automatically trigger digest cycle whenever a new value is emitted:

<div ng-if="{{ observable | async:this }}">
    Value: {{ observable | async:this }}

If you are using the safeApply operator from for example, then this is not needed.

Live example:,js,output