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@cwalther cwalther released this Jul 26, 2020

This version makes the Inkscape extension compatible with Inkscape 1.0. It is no longer compatible with earlier versions (use older releases for that).

The output file can now be chosen using a file dialog instead of having to type a path, and a more helpful error message is given when trying to export an empty drawing.

The command-line binary for macOS has been rebuilt with clang and libc++ (as well as the latest versions of libpng and zlib) to fix an “Abort trap: 6” when called with nonexistent or invalid files. This also seems to have made it a bit faster. The binaries for Linux and Windows are unchanged.

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@cwalther cwalther released this Dec 23, 2018 · 3 commits to master since this release

The only difference to release 1.2 is an improved readme, thanks to @aoloe. The binaries are the same.

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@cwalther cwalther released this Dec 20, 2015 · 12 commits to master since this release

This release includes binaries for Mac OS X (x86_64), Windows (x86), and Linux (x86 and x86_64) packaged as an Inkscape extension with minimal user interface that makes creation of simple cookie cutters very easy – draw a black cookie shape in the right size and export, done.

For more options, the binaries can also be run on the command line.

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