Annotations and Classes for managing and executing dependent processes


riffle is a lightweight Java library for executing collections of dependent processes as a single process.

  This library provides Java Annotations for tagging classes and methods supporting required life-cycle stages, and
  a simple utility for invoking instances of those classes in dependency order.

  It is intended that more robust workflow tools adopt these Annotations allowing users and developers across
  diverse projects to implement and link to a single life-cycle model without inheriting any incompatible
  license restrictions.

  See the Cascading open-source project for an alternative tool for executing riffle Annotated classes.


  > ant retrieve jar


  Riffle lives in the Conjar jar repository (


  riffle is copyrighted by Concurrent, Inc. ( and licensed under
  the Apache 2.0 (see LICENSE.txt).


  Contributions are welcome through GitHub via git forks. See

  riffle is currently a Work In Progress and is subject to change in incompatible ways before 1.0.