Modules and methods for calculating bag-of-features representations for online-handwritten trajectories.
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Online Handwriting Tools

Python library and tool for calculating bag-of-features representations for online-handwritten trajectories. This project was designed to work with the Online-Handwritten George Washington Dataset. See there for more information about the expected trajectory file format.

Run ./ for basic usage and ./ exampledata/company_traj.txt out.txt -n -b exampledata/clusters.txt for calculating a bof representation of the normalized example trajectory.

As of now, the following parameters of the processing pipeline can only be changed in code (see

  • normalization steps (see traj/ for documentation)
  • online-handwritten features (see traj/ for documentation)
  • configuration of the spatial pyramid (see traj/spatialpyramid for documentation)

The tool's output is written in numpy-text format and is either a sequence of feature vectors (one for each point of the given trajectory, one vector per line) or a bag-of-features representation of the trajectory (one bin-value per line).


  • numpy
  • scipy


  • traj/ contains the online-handwritten trajectory library
  • exampledata/ contains an exemplary online-handwritten trajectory (company_traj.txt) as well as some pre-calculated clusters (clusters.txt)


  • support for different choices of normalization steps and features
  • ? supporting batch calculations for multiple trajectories ?


Apache License, Version 2.0