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Control Mouse with Keyboard for Awesome WM
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I find using a mouse painful, so made this responsive widget to act as a mouse alternative/replacement using the keyboard. The widget has two modes, normal "keys" mode and "mouse" mode. When in mouse mode, all typical keyboard inputs are gobbled up and replaced with a powerful interface for manipulating the "mouse" at different speeds.

Usage update after 4 months

I've been using this for 4 months now and am very happy with it, there's just a couple of bugs that crop up and i'm not sure what causes them; if anyone else starts using this i'd appreciate help finding these. In general, Keym greatly enhances my general laptop/desktop usage. I've actually found that I end up using it alongside a mouse/trackpad. In particular, being able to control the mouse just with my left hand is very useful so I can still browse the computer while leaning on my right hand etc. Fast scrolling with 'F' and 'R' keys is great.


  1. Awesome WM
  2. xdotool (not required but installing it gives access to the majority of features)

Install Instructions

  1. clone next to awesome/rc.lua (there should be a folder called "keym" with widget.lua inside next to rc.lua)
  2. local keym = require("keym/widget") -- put somewhere near top of awesome rc.lua
  3. right_layout:add(keym) -- put in your wibox to add visual mode button to rc.lua
  4. awful.key({ }, "`", function () keym.Toggle() end), -- put somewhere in globalKeys to bind it to rc.lua
  5. script requires "xdotool" installed for the majority of features: mouse clicks, scrolls etc

Usage Instructions

  1. Press the backtick key ` to toggle keym mode ON/OFF.
  2. keym is intended to be flexible to one-handed, or two-handed usage
  3. typical two-handed use is: WASD=move, J=click, K=right-click RF=scroll, ;speed1, '=speed2, h=slow
  4. left-handed only use is: WASD=move, Q=click, E=right-click, RF=scroll, =speed1, z=speed2
  5. right-handed only use is limited: Arrows=move, Return=click, /=speed1
  6. why no vim-mode bindings? moving along diagnols causes finger-collisions, but do otherwise remap


  1. Fix some rare bugs, possibly with xdotool - e.g. it runs slowly in firefox and sometimes locks
  2. Send through other main keys (spacebar, backspace, delete)
  3. Find otherways to save/load common mouse locations and optimize clicking on nearby buttons etc

Please let me know if you find this useful, or if you find any bugs/have suggestions.

  • Chris G. Willcocks
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