Collection of scripts I made in a mixture of languages. Eachone will have a directory and its own README.
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Scripts and Such

A collection of scripts which don't necessitate individual repositories. Basically just stuff I want to save online and allow people to look at.

Vote Counter (

Language: Python
Folder: python-dump
Purpose: To calculate a sorted list of album rankings for 130BPM's year-end rankings (and any other ranking).
Status: Done
Version: 1.0

Use of

Usage: [options]  

    -h, --help            show this help message and exit  
    -f FILE, --file=FILE  The location of the csv file  
    -o OUTPUT, --output=OUTPUT  
                          The location of the output file  
    -q, --quiet           Dont't print the results to stdout  

MATLAB Dictionary (dictionary.m)

Language: MATLAB
Folder: matlab-dump
Purpose: A basic hash-table/dictionary system for MATLAB which leverages MATLAB's Cell Array's defining a dictionary as a subset of a Cell Array.
TODO: Test code for speed and ability to handle various loads. Also, define a class for it and port the code to MATLAB C++ to make it faster (if necissary).
Status: Proof of Concept
Version: Proof of Concept


For usage look at the dictionary_example.m file

Chord Generator

Language: Python
Folder: python-dump
Purpose: To generate chords based on chord notation...
Status: Currently handles major chords OK, but not well. Needs alot of work.
Version: -


None as of now.

Ones In A Bit (ones-in-a-byte/

Language: Python
Folder: python-dump
Purpose: To count the number of 1s in a byte.
Status: Done and works, need to insert an if name == 'main' statement
Version: 1

Eulers Method (python-dump/wonky-math/

Language: Python Folder: python-dump/wonky-math Purpose: Generate tables for eulers method Status: Mostly works, no frontend just library. Should return values to a list of tuples rather than print strings. Version: 1b