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A Team - System Integration Project

A Team

Udacity Term 3 Final Capstone Project

The A Team


  • 0 Chris X Edwards @cxed UTC-7
  • 1 Vince Chan @vincec UTC-7
  • 2 William Yuill @williambeverly UTC+2
  • 3 Andreas Jankl @jankl.andreas UTC+2
  • 4 Markus Meyerhofer @markus.meyerhofer UTC+2

Identification Note

Email addresses were requested but since this is a public forum privacy concerns were discussed on Slack where @stephen (Stephen Welch) said, "Ok, I've discussed this here, and I think we can do without emails, so long as names are included." (2017-09-15)

Group member Slack usernames are also included.

Sub Tasks

  • Chris: easy stuff.
    • set up team resources (Slack, GitHub, Skype, etc),
    • documentation, coordination
    • testing, programming support, removing tabs
    • Vince did a lot of testing and optimzing of everything
    • Vince also recorded videos
  • Vince & William: waypoint updater a.k.a. getting the car moving at all.
    • making the car drive
    • making the car drive smoothly (direction and speed)
    • making the car drive smoothly as long as we want
    • stopping the car when told that's a good idea
    • resuming the car when told that's a good idea
  • Andreas & Markus: tl_detector, the classifiers.
    • detecting the state of any visible traffic lights
    • deciding when a stop should be done based on traffic light state
    • William also helped figure out how to get the classifier working
    • Chris built training image sets to prevent garbage in/garbage out

Skype Calls

  • Success! 2017-09-10 1500UTC=0800PDT=1700U+2
  • Success! 2017-09-17 1500UTC=0900PDT=1800U+2
  • Success! 2017-09-24 1500UTC=0900PDT=1800U+2
  • Success! 2017-09-29 1430UTC=0830PDT=1730U+2


Smoothly follow waypoints in the simulator.

Our code properly guides the car through all of the waypoints. As discussed by many people in #p-system-integration there were points on the course where it was difficult to maintain control because of mysterious simulator performance issues. Our different team members had varying levels of success with this ranging from almost no problems to very severe impassable points on the course using the same code. Because so much effort was spent to overcome these high interference zones, we ended up with an extremely stable and accurate control system that guided the car nearly perfectly (special mention of Vince's contribution is deserved here).

Stop at traffic lights when needed.

Our system takes the published video feed and crops out what we believe is a sensible sub region. We followed the suggestion implied in the project materials to locate that region dynamically using dead reckoning but we found this was not especially helpful. With a plausible traffic light published when near a known traffic light location, the next task was to send this image to a classifier that could determine if it was red, yellow, or green. We tried both a Tensorflow system and a Keras system, eventually settling on the Keras as easier to work with for this particular project. The classifier was trained on a large set of images which, for the simulator, was extracted from manual driving. For the bag file video, the frames were extracted and a classifier trained on a large set of data derived from them (13000 unique images of each of red, yellow, green).

Stop and restart PID controllers depending on the state of /vehicle/dbw_enabled.

We believe the dbw_enabled feature works as required. The simulator can be put into and returned from "Manual" mode as expected.

Confirm that traffic light detection works on real life images.

We have set the system up so that when launched with the site launcher the software behaves with that in mind and can successfully detect the state of the traffic light.

Project Video

Here is a video showing perfect driving for an entire lap of the simulator course.

Video: A Team - Complete Simulation Success

A Team

Here is a video showing the team's project code running on ROS bag data of a real world site. When the vehicle is within range, the classifier is activated and accurately discerns the light's state.

Video: A Team - Complete Site Success

A Team

Project Components


System Diagram


  • Traffic light detection
  • Obstacle detection


  • Waypoint updater - Sets target velocity for each waypoint based on traffic light and obstacles.


  • Drive by wire ROS node -
    • input: target trajectory
    • output: control commands to vehicle
  • Here's a handy flowchart for PID tuning.

Car Info


catkin_make && source devel/setup.sh && roslaunch launch/styx.launch
rosbag play -l just_traffic_light.bag
rqt_image_view /image_color

References and Links

Notable Slack Channels


Project Due: 2017-10-02

Term Ends: 2017-10-16

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