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@tgchessbot is a Telegram bot. You can play chess using @tgchessbot. To play with friends, create a group and invite @tgchessbot into it. If you wish to play alone, talk to @tgchessbot on a 1-on-1 private message.

Hosting @tgchessbot on your own server

  • Register a bot with the BotFather
  • After installing Python3 and pip on a server, perform the following:
sudo pip3 install telepot
sudo pip3 install python-chess
sudo pip3 install Pillow
  • Download the code from my Github repo
  • Replace the telegram_bot_token variable (near the bottom of with your own bot token from BotFather
  • Shoot up a screen and run python3 Detach using Ctrl + A + D. The bot will continue running and handle messages in the background as long as your server is up.

Blog post

To learn more, read the blog post here:


This bot is built with the help of telepot, python-chess and Pillow, with chess piece images from Cburnett on Wikipedia.

Many thanks to vesatoivonen for useful suggestions and bug fixes.