Configuration file:

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Daily tasks works thanks to the file. Here is a description of all available properties.

Sample file


# Specify a locale
# Use xx or xx_YY with xx being the ISO code for language and YY the ISO code for country.
# Leave blank to use the system default.

# true to display tasks on top of other windows
# false otherwise

# Choose a theme

# === TASKS === #

# change the separator if you need to use the default on in your tasks description
tasks.todos=Task 1;Task 2;Task 3

Available properties and values


Specifies which locale should be used for the messages to display.

  • Mandatory: no
  • Possible values: xx or xx_YY, with xx being the lowercase language ISO code and YY the uppercase country ISO code
  • Default: as provided by system


Specifies the level from which messages are displayed to the user.

  • Mandatory: no
  • Possible values: INFO, WARNING, ERROR (any other value will trigger a warning message)
  • Default: WARNING

If set to true, the to-do list will always stay on top of other applications. Any other value will cancel this behavior.

  • Mandatory: no (absence will trigger an info message)
  • Possible values: true or false
  • Default: true


This defines the general appearance of the application.

  • Mandatory: no (absence will trigger an info message)
  • Possible values:
    • LIGHT
    • GRAY
    • DARK
    • BLACK
    • BLUE
    • CYAN
    • GREEN
    • YELLOW
    • ORANGE
    • RED
    • PINK
    • Any other value will trigger a warning message.
  • Default: GRAY

Tasks fields

  • Mandatory: yes
  • Possible values: free text


Contains the character which should be used to separate the different tasks.


Contains a list of tasks separated with the character given above.

Specifying which file to use

You may wish to use another file than, or maybe you cannot place it in the same directory. In this case, you can use the command-line to force the application to use another configuration file:

java -jar /path/to/your/daily-tasks.jar /path/to/your/
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