repo for the cyberdojo/web docker image.
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app fixed bad bug which broke traffic-lights on forked katas Jan 21, 2017
config use File.exist? and not File.exists? which is deprecated Dec 21, 2016
lib refactoring; deleted dead code and its tests Dec 27, 2016
notes [ci skip] notes update Dec 22, 2016
script split long comment into two Nov 28, 2016
test skipped one kata-test waiting for seamless runner-resurrection Jan 15, 2017
.dockerignore use Dockerfile based on web_base for speed; use docker-compose.yml to… Nov 11, 2016
.gitignore refactoring; mostly layout Dec 17, 2016
.travis.yml updated .travis.yml to use new push_and_trigger script Jan 1, 2017
Dockerfile deleted git from web image Dec 11, 2016 [ci skip] uppercase appears to be the norm for the license file Nov 28, 2016 [ci skip] fix logo URL in readme Sep 23, 2016 refactoring; export common bash env-vars via .included script Dec 13, 2016
class_model.pdf updated uml class-diagram Dec 17, 2016 Rails 3 - Rails, editor, dashboard (not diff or resume) May 1, 2012
docker-compose.yml added CYBER_DOJO_RUNNER_CLASS setting to docker-compose.yml Jan 15, 2017 added new file to not be ignored in .gitignore Dec 13, 2016
image_dependency_graph.pdf added nginx to image-dependency-graph Dec 12, 2016 dropped using cyber-dojo script and commander; use only the services … Dec 10, 2016 [ci skip] make quicker by not rebuilding image, instead… Dec 25, 2016 removed storer.kata_exists() and storer.avatar_exists() methods; kata… Dec 19, 2016 added sleep to to see if it makes a difference to error seeming… Dec 16, 2016

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Main repo for a cyber-dojo web server.