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What is Fix the Web?

Fix the Web is an extension-in-progress for Opera Web Browser. Many web pages use malformed HTML, poorly-written Javascript, or bad web development practices such as browser-sniffing. Consequently, these pages could produce visual flaws, functional glitches, or even worse, be completely nonfunctional in Opera, a standards-conforming web browser.

What is purpose of this extension?

The goal of Fix the Web is to provide a solution to these problems by allowing users to report site problems they encounter, reply to others' bug reports, and, most importantly, apply patches to broken web pages.

Applying patches and road-map

Before you apply a patch to a web page, determine how it needs to be fixed. If it only needs a CSS patch, then add the patch to the CSS patches Wedata database. However, if the web needs a Javascript patch, then add the patch in the patches.js file in the includes/ folder in this repository. Read more about site patching here.


This project is open source, so your contributions will help it grow. Fork the project and contribute!


Install the lastest stable version in the Opera addons catalog

Offical blog - Official forums

CSS Patches - Wedata Database

Server-side repository - Main Web Interface - Beta Web Interface

The following links are outdated: How to Patch a Web Page - How to Create CSS Patches