The server-side files for the "Fix the Web" Opera extension project. Includes the OAuth authentication libraries and the server-side files for processing AJAX GET/POST requests from the extension.
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#Server Side Files for "Fix the Web"

This repository contains the server-side files for the Fix the Web Opera extension project.

ajax_request_handler.php handles for AJAX requests from the extension. All exported data is printed instead of returned because it is used by AJAX. index.php is the home page of this extension. db.php is the configuration file for the MySQL database.


In order to test the extension locally, there are a couple things that must be initialized or configured.

  1. If you have a server and database installed such as WAMPServer, MAMP, LAMP, or something comparable, then put these files in/beneath the server web root directory.

  2. Insert the appropriate details for your database in db.php. Visit the install.php page in your web browser to create the tables needed for the project.

  3. In Fix the Web/scripts, in the background.js file, in the CONFIG section at the top of the file, specify the path to these server-side file on your local web server.

Now Fix the Web should run just fine!

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