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This is the source code to the web site operated by Richard Cyganiak (, @cygri).


  • Apache with mod_rewrite enabled
  • PHP
  • MySQL

Setting up a test site

  1. Clone the repository into a local directory

  2. Set up a virtual host prefixcc.local with that directory as document root

  3. Create a new MySQL database:

    echo CREATE DATABASE prefixcc | mysql -u root 
  4. Set up database tables:

    mysql -u root prefixcc < db_schema/schema.sql
  5. Make a copy of the default configuration:

    cp default.config.php config.php
  6. Edit database credentials in config.php if necessary

  7. Import prefixes from the public site:

    php tools/csv-import.php | mysql -u root prefixcc
  8. Go to http://prefixcc.local/ and you should have a functional site!

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