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A very simple access layer to the OS X CoreMIDI library.

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Provide easy access to CoreMIDI for Ruby.

Please note that this is a work in progress. The code isn't tested and for all I know, it sets your house on fire, steals your car and runs over your dog and/or cat. So proceed with caution.


# Open rbcoremidi.xcodeproj in XCode and compile it
# Alternatively you can use "xcodebuild" to build it from the command line
cp build/Releases/rbcoremidi.bundle . # There's an installation path in xcode to your system ruby, I don't know how to use it though
/usr/bin/ruby coremidi.rb             # Should exit with no errors

# EXPERIMENTAL - use extconf, allows you to use whatever ruby install you want
ruby extconf.rb
ruby coremidi.rb # Should exit with no errors


$ gem sources -a
$ sudo gem install cypher-rbcoremidi


Markus Prinz Xavier Shay Chris Lloyd

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