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Cabin Life

Collection of things for cabin living.

The project is an exploration of ideas. Always follow appropriate safety procedures, consult local laws and ordinances regarding safety and construction, and never assume anything is safe until verified. The author is not responsible for any damage to property, injuries, or worse, which may be caused by using any of the information presented here.


  • Wood stove
    A wood burning stove with cooking capability that is suitable for a small cabin or shelter wood stove front profile
  • Power Supply
    A simple, portable, power supply for various off-grid projects and solutions multiple output power supply circuit
  • Laser Path
    A bad weather navigation concept for hikers, pedestrians, or other land explorers
  • Outdoor Enclosure
    A multi-function enclosure design for use as an outdoor terminal, kiosk, battery charging station, or similar outdoor enclosure front profile
  • Power Storage
    A durable, easily made, rechargeable battery system using the Zinc bromide chemistry (work in progress)
  • Wheelbarrow
    A simple hand cart for carrying material made from lumber and a few off-the-shelf parts (work in progress)
  • Three-phase assembly
    A coil stator and magnet arragement which can be used as an electric generator or motor (work in progress)
  • Cargo Boat
    A small utility water craft with flat bottom and front loading ramp for use in inland waterways (work in progress) cargo boat frame
  • Composting toilet
    A simple and hygenic system to discard and potentially reuse human waste (work in progress)
  • Windmill
    A wind harnessing structure for carrying out household tasks and generating electricity (work in progress)
  • Cabin Area Network
    A communications system for handling various housekeeping tasks with devices, using off-the-shelf electronics
    port wiring
  • Rocking Chair
    A glider style chair and base platform that can adapt to being upholstered or be left as bare wood (work in progress)
  • Solar Air Heater
    A heat exchanger which can work for both closed loop heating of a small space or open loop ventilation
    solar air heater
  • Lock
    A set of hardware mechanisms to keep curious wildlife out of sensitive areas (work in progress)
  • Well Pump
    A non-electric shallow well pumping mechanism which can be operated manually or attached to a windmill (work in progress)
  • Structure Foundation
    A simple structural base for most types of shelters and tiny cabins
    foundation base


Collection of things for cabin living







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