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Livebox Component for Home assistant
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Orange Livebox Router

This a custom component for Home Assistant. The livebox integration allows you to observe and control Livebox router.

There is currently support for the following device types within Home Assistant:

  • Sensor with traffic metrics
  • Binary Sensor with wan status , public ip , private ip
  • Device tracker for connected devices (via option add wired devices)
  • Switch for enable/disable Wireless
  • Service for restart the router

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The preferred way to setup the Orange Livebox platform is by enabling the discovery component. Add your device via the Integration menu

Otherwise, you can set it up manually in your configuration.yaml file:

  username: 'admin'
  password: 'my-password'

{% configuration %} host: description: The ip address of the Livebox. required: true type: string default: '' port: description: The http port the Livebox is listening on. required: false type: integer default: 80 userename: description: Login ID of the livebox required: false type: string default: 'admin' password: description: The password of Login ID. required: true type: string {% endconfiguration %}

You can find out your Livebox host and port by opening the address livebox.home/ws in your browser. The returned json should contain an api_domain (host) and a http_port (port).

Initial setup

You must have set a password for your Livebox router web administration page.

The first time Home Assistant will connect to your Livebox, you will need to specify the password of livebox.

Supported routers

Only the routers with Livebox OS are supported:

  • Livebox v3
  • Livebox v4 (not tested)

Presence Detection

This platform offers presence detection by keeping track of the devices connected to a Livebox router.

Ability to disable this option by integration options


Note that the Livebox waits for some time before marking a device as inactive, meaning that there will be a small delay (1 or 2 minutes) between the time you disconnect a device and the time it will appear as "away" in Home Assistant. You should take this into account when specifying the consider_home parameter. On the contrary, the Livebox immediately reports devices newly connected, so they should appear as "home" almost instantly, as soon as Home Assistant refreshes the devices states.


This platform offers you sensors to monitor a Livebox router. The monitored conditions are instant upload and download rates in Mb/s.

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