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A remote controlled flip Bahtinov mask and lamp for focusing and flats
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Remote controlled flip Bahtinov mask and lamp

by C.Y. Tan 2017

Flip mask and lamp

I made a flip mask and lamp for my FSQ106 so that when they are mounted on the telescope, they will balance each other out when mounted on the opposite side of the telescope.

Flip mask and lamp mounted on an FSQ106


The flip mask and lamp are designed as a master and slave pair. I have chosen the flip mask controller to be the master and the flip lamp controller to be the slave.

The mechanical design of the flip mask and lamp are mirror images of each other. The principal parts used in the design are as follows:


A movie of how the flip mask and lamp in action can be found on youtube.


This is unsupported hardware. Build at your own peril! :)

You can submit questions or bug reports using the issues tab on the right and then click on NEW.

Have fun!

Directory structure

  • howto Assembly instructions for the flip mask and lamp.
  • ponoko The files that are used for laser cutting the acrylic parts of the design. These files can be sent directly to Ponoko for laser cutting.
  • bom Bill of materials for 1 pair of flip mask and lamp.
  • eagle Eagle schematic and board files.
  • python Source code for the python control program.
  • pics Photographs used in the README's and Wiki.

Other information

More information can be found in he files in each directory and the wiki of this project on github.


All the software, documentation, and hardware that I have written is copyright 2017 C.Y. Tan.

All software is released under GPLv3

All documentation is released under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License or GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.3

All hardware is released under CERN Hardware Open License v1.2

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