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STinG driver for Asix USB-to-Ethernet adapters
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STinG driver for Asix USB-to-Ethernet adapters

This is a driver for the STinG TCP/IP stack for Atari computers running TOS. It will work with USB-to-Ethernet adapters based on the Asix AX88772 chipset connected to a suitable USB host adapter on the Atari, e.g. the Lightning VME or the Unicorn.

Short setup guide:

  • Install STinG as usual.
  • Copy the USB drivers provided with your USB host adapter (e.g. USB.PRG and BLITZ*.PRG for the Lightning VME) to the AUTO folder of your boot drive.
  • Copy usb_asix.stx to the STING folder.
  • Reboot.
  • Enable and configure the USBether STinG device in the usual way, setting up IP address, network mask, DNS server, etc. Don't forget to edit STinG's ROUTE.TAB.

Please refer to the appropriate documentation for more information about setting up your respective USB host adapter and the STinG network stack.

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