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An example on how to use C API in Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF)
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CEF C API (cefcapi)

A simple example on how to use the C API in Chromium Embedded Framework created by Czarek Tomczak (hire me!). Example creates a window, embeds a browser inside that window and loads Google website. Shows how to implement dummy reference counting and CEF structures with callbacks to implement CEF handlers like cef_app_t, cef_client_t and cef_life_span_handler_t. To understand and implement real reference counting see the UsingTheCAPI wiki page in upstream CEF project.

Table of contents:



Tested configurations:

  • Windows:
    • Binary: cef_binary_3.3202.1692.g18a939d_windows32.tar.bz2
    • Compilers: mingw-gcc 5.3.0 and TDM-gcc 5.1.0 on Windows 7 64-bit
  • Linux:
    • Binary: cef_binary_3.3202.1692.g18a939d_linux64.tar.bz2
    • Compiler: Linux: gcc 4.8.2 on Ubuntu 14.04 64-bit
    • Compiler: gcc 6.3.0 on Debian 9.2 (stretch) 64-bit

Getting started

  1. Download "Standard Distribution" binaries from Spotify Automated Builds for the supported CEF version mentioned in the Compatibility section above:
  2. Create cefcapi/Release/ directory
  3. Copy cef_binary*/Release/* to cefcapi/Release/
  4. Copy cef_binary*/Resources/* to cefcapi/Release/
  5. On Linux run "make gtk2" (GTK+ 2 example) or "make gtk3" (GTK+ 3 example) in the root directory. Note that you may need to build CEF with "use_gtk3=true" to link it with GTK+ 3.
  6. On Windows run the "build.bat" script in the root directory

Support development

If you would like to support general CEF C API development efforts by making a donation please click the Paypal Donate button:

Updating CEF version

If you download a CEF version newer than 3.3202.1692 then apart from copying binaries to cefcapi/Release/ directory you will also have to update the include/ directory with CEF header files.

In the include/ directory you can find two files: "cef_version_win.h" and "cef_version_linux.h" - these header files were copied from CEF binary distributions for appropriate platforms and their original file names were "cef_version.h".

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