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2015-10-20 Doug Torrance <>
* Bump to version 0.7.2.
2015-10-20 Doug Torrance <>
* Clean generated file dockapp.pc.
Based on the Debian patch [1].
2015-10-20 Doug Torrance <>
*, src/
Remove AC_PATH_XTRA macro from
We already check for libraries with the PKG_CHECK_MODULES macros.
This also allows the Debian package to drop the Build-Depend on
libice-dev. Based on the Debian patch [1].
2015-10-20 Doug Torrance <>
* Recompress fonts without timestamp.
This fixes the package-contains-timestamped-gzip warning given by
Lintian for the Debian package. (This warning is really
unnecessary, as its purpose it to check for reproducible builds and
the fonts are not compressed at build time, but I see no harm in
removing these timestamps.)
2015-10-17 Doug Torrance <>
* Bump to version 0.7.1.
2015-10-17 Doug Torrance <>
* Update update-changelog target in Makefile.
Only grab libdockapp commits.
2015-10-17 Doug Torrance <>
* examples/basic/basic.c, examples/rectangles/rectangles.c: Update
header location in examples.
2015-10-09 Shining <>
* README: Simplify instructions to generate a ./configure script.
Based on suggestions by Alexey Frolov and BALATON Zoltan.
2015-10-05 Shining <>
* README: Info about generating 'configure' script in README.
In the README it is said to run ./configure but there's no such
script in the tarball. I wrote instructions to generate a
./configure with libtool and autotools.
2015-08-15 Rodolfo García Peñas (kix) <>
* Include libwmgeneral in libdockapp.
This patch includes the libwmgeneral library in the libdockapp library.
The new library is now version 3 (previous was version 2) and it
includes the new include folder in $libdir/libdockapp. The wmgeneral
files were moved from the previous folder (libwmgeneral) and the folder
is now removed.
Signed-off-by: Rodolfo García Peñas (kix) <>
2014-11-28 Doug Torrance <>
* NEWS, Release version 0.6.4.
2014-11-28 Doug Torrance <>
*, NEWS, Update contact information.
2014-11-28 Doug Torrance <>
* Add update-changelog target to Makefile to update ChangeLog.
2014-11-25 Doug Torrance <>
* ChangeLog, NEWS, examples/basic/basic.c, src/dockapp.h:
Merge ChangeLog into NEWS (they were largely the same).
2014-11-25 Doug Torrance <>
* examples/basic/basic.c: Add #include
<time.h> to basic example.
Otherwise, we get the following compiler warning
basic.c: Infunction ‘main’: basic.c:111:2: warning: implicit
declaration of function ‘time’ [-Wimplicit-function-declaration]
2014-11-25 Doug Torrance <>
* README, examples/, examples/basic/Imakefile,
examples/basic/Makefile, examples/rectangles/Imakefile,
examples/rectangles/Makefile: Replace example
Imakefiles with Makefiles. imake is deprecated.
2014-11-25 Doug Torrance <>
* examples/basic/basic.c, examples/rectangles/rectangles.c,
src/daargs.c, src/daargs.h, src/dacallback.c, src/dacolor.c,
src/daevent.c, src/damain.c, src/dapixmap.c, src/darect.c,
src/dashaped.c, src/dautil.c, src/dockapp.h: Use consistent code
Used uncrustify to minimize warnings and errors from
in the Window Maker source tree.
2014-11-25 Doug Torrance <>
* examples/basic/Imakefile, examples/basic/basic.c,
examples/rectangles/Imakefile, examples/rectangles/rectangles.c,
src/, src/daargs.c, src/daargs.h, src/dacallback.c,
src/dacolor.c, src/daevent.c, src/damain.c, src/dapixmap.c,
src/darect.c, src/dashaped.c, src/dautil.c, src/dautil.h,
src/dockapp.h: Remove CVS cruft.
2014-11-25 Doug Torrance <>
* examples/basic/Imakefile, examples/basic/README,
examples/basic/basic.c, examples/rectangles/Imakefile,
examples/rectangles/rectangles.c, fonts/, src/dacallback.c,
src/dacolor.c, src/daevent.c, src/damain.c, src/dapixmap.c,
src/dashaped.c, src/dockapp.h: Remove trailing whitespace.
2014-11-24 Doug Torrance <>
* INSTALL,, aclocal.m4, compile, config.guess,
config.sub, configure, dockapp.pc, examples/,
fonts/, install-sh,, missing, src/
Remove autotools-generated files.
2014-11-24 Doug Torrance <>
* Add version 0.6.3 to repository.
Obtained from:
** Changes above this point from git log in dockapps git repository. **
2014-06-06 Doug Torrance <>
* ChangeLog, NEWS: updated Changelog and NEWS files with new version
2014-06-06 Doug Torrance <>
* add xext to dockapp.pc
2014-06-06 Doug Torrance <>
*, src/ add xpm to linked libraries
2014-06-06 Doug Torrance <>
* .gitignore,, add more autotools-generated
files to .gitignore
2014-06-06 Doug Torrance <>
*, src/ use pkg-config for linked libraries
2014-05-02 Doug Torrance <>
* added BUGS to distribution tarball
2014-05-02 Doug Torrance <>
* .gitignore: Update .gitignore (add
2014-05-01 Doug Torrance <>
* .gitignore, Add pkg-config dockapp.pc file.
2014-05-01 Doug Torrance <>
* Modernize
2014-05-01 Doug Torrance <>
* .gitignore,, aclocal.m4, compile, config.guess,
config.sub, configure, examples/, fonts/,, missing, src/ Remove autotools-generated
files, update .gitignore.
2014-05-01 Doug Torrance <>
* fonts/ Actually added fonts to distribution tarball.
Despite the commit message of the previous commit, this was not
done. Now it is.
2014-05-01 Doug Torrance <>
*, fonts/, fonts/fonts.alias,
fonts/fonts.dir: Various changes to `make install' of fonts.
* Use font-util macros.
* Include fonts in distribution tarball.
* Removed fonts.dir (built by `make install') and fonts.alias (empty
2014-04-30 Doug Torrance <>
* examples/ rewrite examples to ensure they
are included in the tarball
2014-04-30 Doug Torrance <>
* INSTALL,, aclocal.m4, compile, config.guess,
config.sub, configure,,,
examples/, fonts/, install-sh,,
missing, src/ rename ->
2014-04-30 Doug Torrance <>
* .gitignore: added .gitignore
2014-04-30 Doug Torrance <>
* CVS/Entries, CVS/Repository, CVS/Root, autom4te.cache/output.0,
autom4te.cache/output.1, autom4te.cache/requests,
autom4te.cache/traces.0, autom4te.cache/traces.1,
examples/CVS/Entries, examples/CVS/Repository, examples/CVS/Root,
examples/basic/CVS/Entries, examples/basic/CVS/Repository,
examples/basic/CVS/Root, examples/rectangles/CVS/Entries,
examples/rectangles/CVS/Repository, examples/rectangles/CVS/Root,
examples/shapes/CVS/Entries, examples/shapes/CVS/Repository,
examples/shapes/CVS/Root, fonts/CVS/Entries, fonts/CVS/Repository,
fonts/CVS/Root, src/CVS/Entries, src/CVS/Repository, src/CVS/Root:
Removed CVS directories
2014-04-24 Doug Torrance <>
* Initial commit
** Changes above this point from git log in sourceforge git repository. **
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