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(To) mirror Emacs Lisp Package Archive(s)
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(To) Mirror Emacs Lisp package archives. Used to create and maintain mirrors under Git repository.

Note that currently only GitLab and GitHub are supported out of box as a remote for the mirror. Though you can use mirror-elpa to maintain local mirror or mirror on any other Git hosting. See Usage section for more information.


The following software must be installed on your system:

  • Git
  • Emacs
  • rsync


$ git clone
$ cd mirror-elpa
$ ./configure
$ make install

You can also specify how often to sync mirror when running make install (defaults to every 4 hours) and location to resulting configuration file (defaults to $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/

$ make install SCHEDULE="0 0 * * *" CONFIG_FILE="~/"

SCHEDULE can be set to any valid CRON expression.

Resulting configuration file can be used for more grained control over mirror-elpa behaviour.

  • Set value of mirror_path to avoid using temporary folder for mirror.
  • Set value of mirror_repo_branch_name to change branch name (default is master).
  • Define git_config_hook function that is called before changes to repository are committed. This is a good place to configure Git.
  • Set value of mirror_url if you wish to use local mirror or mirror hosted somewhere else rather than on GitLab. Empty string means local mirror (script doesn’t push).


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