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UPass Renewer

A service for doing UPass activations automatically.


Running on Docker (port 8080)

docker run -v /tmp/foo:/data -p 8080:3000 -d --restart=always d4l3k/upass app -dir="/data"


$ git clone
$ cd upass
$ go get && go build
$ ./upass
2015/11/20 15:26:53 Listening on :3000

Setting up encryption

To decrypt/generate the decryption key you need to go to /decrypt.html and enter a password after every restart. If it succeeds you should see on of:

2015/11/20 15:26:44 Generating new key ./db.key...


2016/09/30 22:30:33 Loading key ./db.key...


UPass Renewer is licensed under the MIT license.

Made by Tristan Rice.