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Generate good skeletons of Python applications.

Creating a new Python program require a lot of work: preparing the file, initial translation files, ...

StarterPyth aims at doing this for you. Just choose your type of application, and you get a functionnal starting point. You only have to write original code, not starting by copying the same code again and again.

You can decide to create different kinds of Python applications:

  • plain-Python package
  • command-line application
  • Cython-based extension
  • Django-based website with custom commands and optional modules
    • create basic configurations for nginx and Apache
    • examples of tastypie REST APIs
    • example of basic views and forms
    • use global configuration file (/etc/myproject/project.conf) [TODO]
    • basic use of dajax and dajaxice [TODO]

The goal is also to provide many useful extra commands for distribute. Here is a list of commands I want to write:

  • generate API index file for Sphinx
  • generate doc through Sphinx
  • generate Pylint report
  • compute dependencies thanks to snake food
  • make i18n messages
  • compile i18n messages
  • generate pseudo-l10n files
  • test documentation

I also want to provide templates for other classical Python programs:

  • Django application
  • Curse application
  • PyQt applications
  • daemon

You can install it with pip:

$ pip install starterpyth

...or from the source:

$ cd StarterPyth
$ sudo python install

Then you can call it through `starterpyth-bin`:

$ starterpyth-bin

More complete documentation can be found at

Starterpyth 2.0 :

doctest, unittest, nose mock pychecker, pylint, pyflakes * CHANGES.txt

  • CLI
    • man page
  • Django
    • passer à DjangoFloor 0.9
    • configuration sentry
  • démon -> fichiers de conf pour launchd / systemd
  • utilisation de six
  • création de l'environnement virtuel associé
  • template PyCharm [avec environnement virtuel, warning sur la version de Python]
  • intégration avec tox, github, travis, readthedocs


Create good skeletons of Python applications







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