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Generic Lisp Editor For Windows

Copyright 2022


LispIDE provides a graphical shell around several Lisp implementations for Windows.

Download Latest Version (64 bit)

LispIDE_Setup.exe v20220906.08

LispIDE seems to work with

If you want commandline parameters for your Lisp you need to create a .bat or .cmd file and select that as your Lisp executable.

LispIDE is freeware.

LispIDE was written in C++ (!) and uses the following stuff:


  • v20220906.08

    • Add tabsize 2
    • Fix closing a document with Ctrl+F4
    • Fix font for brace highlighting
  • v20220904.10

    • Updated to Scintilla v530 and Lexilla v5.1.9
    • Updated to WTL10
    • Updated to VS2022
    • Update to CScintillaCtrl v1.72
    • Add 64bit build project
    • Added support for Janet language
    • Signed Installer
    • Added file extension support for various Lisps
  • v20100318.07

    • Added Clojure support.
    • Updated to Scintilla 2.03
  • v20100219.14

    • Added PicoLisp support.
  • v20100202.21

    • And again more fixes for closing a tree of spawned child processes.
  • v20100202.16

    • More fixing for closing a tree of spawned child processes.
    • Added some missing newLISP keywords.
    • Updated to Scintilla 2.02
  • v20100128.21

    • Fixed reset for process trees again.
  • v20100128.14

    • Fixed terminating of batch file started LISPs when using reset button.
    • Fixed undo buffer on new loaded files.
    • Fixed "tab uses spaces" not checked in menu.
    • Added tabsize setting.
  • v20100114.11

    • Added sorting of document list in the window menu.
  • v20091221.11

    • Added ISLISP (OpenLisp) support.
  • v20091117.18

    • Fixed another copy & paste problem in the REPL.
  • v20091112.15

    • It's no longer possible to select LispIDE as your Lisp program to prevent infinite loops.
    • Fixed pasting expressions in the REPL.
    • Added modified indication images to the tabs.
    • Added Installer.
  • v20091006.19

    • Added newLISP support.
    • Added Drag & Drop support.
    • Updated to Scintilla 2.01
    • Updated platform SDK.
  • v20090808.09

    • Tabs are now on multiple rows.
  • v20090805.21

    • Updated to WTL8.1.
    • Update to Scintilla 1.79.
    • Fixed Ctrl combinations after selection in REPL window.
  • v20090301.20

    • Fixed a crash when clearing all in the REPL.
  • v20090228.18

    • Added Scheme language for syntax coloring.
    • Fixed some cursor positioning problems in the REPL.
  • v20090128.16

    • Fixed "close all" leaving some documents open.
    • Using own document history for re-opening on restart.
    • Fixed lineendings problems and selectable in menu (thanks to Jameel Al-Aziz).
    • Added sources as darcs repository
  • v20081013.16

    • Added full path of the active file in the title bar.
    • Set word wrap mode for REPL.
    • Added macroexpand-1 to "send to lisp" (Ctrl+Enter).
  • v20080930.21

    • Added Common Lisp HyperSpec and Common Lisp the Language, 2nd edition as help files.
  • v20080924.17

    • Fixed several crashes.
  • v20080810.22

    • Fixed possible crash on closing.
  • v20080806.13

    • Fixed crash on startup.
  • v20080805.13

    • Removed linenumbers from REPL.
  • v20080805.12

    • Add "Tab uses spaces" setting.
  • v20080805.10

    • Show error when save fails.
  • v20080804.23

    • Fixed saving of files in wrong dir.
  • v20080804.15

    • REPL is now Scintilla too.
  • v20080804.10

    • Max length in REPL is now 1024*1024 characters
    • Fixed some command history problems.
  • v20080803.20 Initial release.


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