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This bundle comes with one pre-installed extractor: the IntegratorExtractor. This service will extract all data from your enabled integrators.

Every extractor has two methods:


This method passes a various element (document/object). The extractor is able to decide if this element is valid for processing.

updateMetaData($element, $locale, $seoMetadata)

This method allows you to update the SeoMetaData object

SeoMetaData Class

Name Description
setMetaDescription Set meta description.
setTitle Set title.
setTitle Set title.
addExtraProperty, setExtraProperties Add a extra property.
addSchema Add a schema block ( application/ld+json). Note! No script tags are allowed here, only encoded json data!
addExtraName, setExtraNames Add a extra name meta field.
addExtraHttp, setExtraHttp Add a extra http meta field.

Note: Extractors are prioritized services. If another extractor supports your element too it could override your current definition.

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