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Nagios DaDaPush Notification Plugin
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Nagios DaDaPush Notification Plugin

A Notification Plugin for Nagios and compatible software (e.g. Icinga) to enable notifications via DaDaPush.


  1. Copy to /usr/local/nagios/libexec.

  2. Create an DaDaPush Channel and Copy channel token.

  3. Create the command definitions in your Nagios configuration:

    define command {
        command_name notify-host-by-dadapush
        command_line /usr/local/nagios/libexec/ -a "$NOTIFICATIONTYPE$" -b "$HOSTNAME$" -c "$HOSTSTATE$" -d "$HOSTOUTPUT$" -T "DADAPUSH_CHANNEL_TOKEN"

    define command {
        command_name notify-service-by-dadapush
        command_line /usr/local/nagios/libexec/ -a "$NOTIFICATIONTYPE$" -b "$HOSTNAME$" -e "$SERVICEDESC$" -f "$SERVICESTATE$" -g "$SERVICEOUTPUT$" -T "DADAPUSH_CHANNEL_TOKEN"
  1. Create the contact definition in your Nagios configuration:
    define contact {
        contact_name                            dadapush
        alias                                   dadapush
        service_notification_period             24x7
        host_notification_period                24x7
        service_notification_options            w,u,c,r
        host_notification_options               d,r
        host_notification_commands              notify-host-by-dadapush
        service_notification_commands           notify-service-by-dadapush
  1. Add the contact to a contact group in your Nagios configuration:
    define contactgroup{
        contactgroup_name       network-admins
        alias                   Network Administrators
        members                 email, dadapush

read full Setup Nagios DaDaPush Notification Plugin

Other Information

This script has been tested on multiple servers with different versions of curl.

Please fork and contribute if you find any bugs.

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