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Home Assistant Climate Groupe
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Home Assistant Climate Group

Groups multiple climate devices to a single entity. Useful if you have for instance multiple radiator thermostats in a room and want to control them all together. Inspired/copied from light_group component (

Known short-comings:

  • only supports Celsius

How to install:


Add this repo ( to the HACS store and install from there.

local install

Put in "custom_components" folder located in inside the config folder. (The 2 .py file must be config/custom_components/climate_group)

Sample Configuration

Put this inside configuration.yaml in config folder of

  - platform: climate_group
    name: 'Climate Friendly Name'
    - climate.clima1
    - climate.clima2
    - climate.clima3
    - climate.heater
    - climate.termostate

(use the entities you want to have in your climate_group)

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