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MFASweep is a PowerShell script that attempts to log in to various Microsoft services using a provided set of credentials and will attempt to identify if MFA is enabled. Depending on how conditional access policies and other multi-factor authentication settings are configured some protocols may end up being left single factor. It also has an additional check for ADFS configurations and can attempt to log in to the on-prem ADFS server if detected.

Currently MFASweep has the ability to login to the following services:

  • Microsoft Graph API
  • Azure Service Management API
  • Microsoft 365 Exchange Web Services
  • Microsoft 365 Web Portal w/ 6 device types (Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android Phone, iPhone, Windows Phone)
  • Microsoft 365 Active Sync
  • ADFS

WARNING: This script attempts to login to the provided account TEN (10) different times (11 if you include ADFS). If you entered an incorrect password this may lock the account out.

For more information check out the blog post here: Exploiting MFA Inconsistencies on Microsoft Services

MFASweep Example

Single Factor Access Results Example


This command will use the provided credentials and attempt to authenticate to the Microsoft Graph API, Azure Service Management API, Microsoft 365 Exchange Web Services, Microsoft 365 Web Portal with both a desktop browser and mobile, and Microsoft 365 Active Sync.

Invoke-MFASweep -Username -Password Winter2020 

This command runs with the default auth methods and checks for ADFS as well.

Invoke-MFASweep -Username -Password Winter2020 -Recon -IncludeADFS

Individual Modules

Each individual module can be run separately if needed as well.

Microsoft Graph API

Invoke-GraphAPIAuth -Username -Password Winter2020 

Azure Service Management API

Invoke-AzureManagementAPIAuth -Username -Password Winter2020 

Microsoft 365 Exchange Web Services

Invoke-EWSAuth -Username -Password Winter2020 

Microsoft 365 Web Portal

Invoke-O365WebPortalAuth -Username -Password Winter2020 

Microsoft 365 Web Portal w/ Mobile User Agent

Invoke-O365WebPortalAuthMobile -Username -Password Winter2020 

Microsoft 365 Active Sync

Invoke-O365ActiveSyncAuth -Username -Password Winter2020 


Invoke-ADFSAuth -Username -Password Winter2020 


A tool for checking if MFA is enabled on multiple Microsoft Services







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