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Command-line makfa

Lojban dictionary. Beta!


su -c 'wget -O /usr/bin/makfa; chmod +x /usr/bin/makfa'


su -c 'ln -s makfa /usr/bin/m'

The first run is slow as it downloads the dictionary. Not to worry, the next run will be blazing fast!


The find command dumps out matching entries, the show command shows all known information. The console command combines these two with a readline prompt. All other commands are like show but for specific information. All commands take a -h or --help switch for option listings. All display commands except show take a -q or --quiet switch to only show the specifically requested information. All display commands take a list of entries either as arguments or on standard input. Unambiguous command initials are expanded.

So what does all this mean?

It is script and pipe friendly:

$ m f -D | shuf | head -5
                    cuxna : x1 chooses/selects x2 [choice] from set/sequence of alternatives x3 (complete set).
                     su'i : n-ary mathematical operator: plus; addition operator; [(((a + b) + c) + ...)].
                 mo'ica'u : space motion tense: forward directional space motion.
                     de'a : event contour for a temporary halt and ensuing pause in a process.
                  su'anai : evidential: I generalize - I particularize; discursive: abstractly - concretely.

All the space is aligning with the longest registered word. You can also use command substition or backticks:

$ makfa show $(makfa find | shuf | head -2)
                   piksku : lujvo
                          : c1=p3 (agent) comments/remarks on/observes c2=p1 about subject x3=p2 to audience x4=c3=p4 via expressive medium x5=c5.
                          : (x1) "remark" in the sense of "express a comment", "observe" in the sense of "express a comment", "comment" in the sense of "express a comment"
                          : Cf. {zgana}, {ga'a}, {za'a}, {retsku}.

                    palne : gismu
                          : x1 is a tray/platter/flat container [pan/sheet/griddle] of contents x2, and made of material x3.
                          : (x1) "tray"
                          : Also pallet, when used for carrying rather than support on the ground; a tray is flat-bottomed and shallow or without a rim, and is generally portable.  See also {tansi}, {patxu}, {palta}, {ckana}.

It provides shortcuts for common combinations:

$ m f -Dsui4
                     re'e : emotion category/modifier: religious/spiritual/worship - sacrilege.
                     ro'a : emotion category/modifier: social - antisocial.
                     ro'e : emotion category/modifier: mental - mindless.
                     ro'i : emotion category/modifier: emotional - denying emotion.
                     ro'o : emotion category/modifier: physical - denying physical.
                     ro'u : emotion category/modifier: sexual - sexual abstinence.

If you want to update the dictionary:

rm ~/.makfa.dump