simple wifi server for controlling cheap home remote controlled devices
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A device consisting of a Wemos d1 mini, a 433MHz receiver and a transmitter.

It can be used to control cheap home control devices. Currently it supports some Prove brand devices, but will be extended to support other devices too.


  • connects to a WiFi access point
  • connects to an MQTT server
  • sends an MQTT message on receiving a 433MHz code from a remote control
  • on receiving an MQTT message it sends a 433MHz remote control code
  • configuration is stored in EEPROM
  • Web based admin page for
    • enabling/disabling WiFi, MQTT, remote receive, remote transmit
    • setting WiFi ssid and password
    • setting MQTT server ip
  • acting as an AP if it can't connect to WiFi, to enable access to admin page

Web admin page

web admin page image

Building and running

Install PlatformIO and run it on command line or inside for example the Atom editor.

Build from commandline

Build in the Atom editor


  • reset you d1 mini and wait about 20s
  • connect your pc to wifi ssid cheaperstick with password bettertoo
  • open http://cheaperstick.local in a browser - you should see the web admin page above
  • set ssid and password of your wifi
  • set mqtt ip
  • click save
  • reset d1 mini
  • connect your pc to the normal wifi
  • open web admin page http://cheaperstick.local to see that cheaperstick is connected to the normal wifi

Supported hardware

Wemos d1 mini


d1 mini image

Receiver & transmitter


receiver transmitter image

Planned Features

  • USB serial interface as an alternative to WiFi for receiving and sending remote control codes
  • REST interface as an alternative to MQTT
  • Web based admin page for
    • enabling/disabling REST
    • setting mDNS name to be able to reach admin page by ip name instead of number
    • sniffing various types of remote controls