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@bcdady bcdady Formatting updates. 6d4d843
@bcdady bcdady Added link to my Gist on importing posh-git module to a PowerShell console (non Git Shell) 5e750ce
@bcdady bcdady Updated install information to reflect that posh-git is now included with GitHub for Windows. 39a5048
Erwin fix the link 5e5fac5
@trimeloni trimeloni with the original commands, would get an error "Invoke-Expression : A positional parameter cannot be found that accepts argument 'posh-git'" and found in a few blogs that they ran this as two separate commands f87555f
@williware williware Updated Home (markdown) c33c5d0
@williware williware left out a step bf463d2
@williware williware Thanks for the good work! Hoping you don't mind the above suggestion. After digging around found the above at 5bb4882
@dahlbyk dahlbyk Initial Commit 7fd53e6
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