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Welcome to the posh-git wiki

How to install posh-git

Install the GitHub client for Windows:

GitHub client for Windows

Previously, the posh-git module was provided by NuGet. In more recent packages, the GitHub client for Windows setup includes posh-git, and will install a "Git Shell" which is a PowerShell console with the posh-git module, and some dependencies, loaded.

When installed with the GitHub client, the posh-git module does not get installed to the typical PS Module locations. Instead, it's placed in the user's Local AppData path, with the GitHub client. For example: $env:userprofile\AppData\Local\GitHub\PoshGit_869d4c5159797755bc04749db47b166136e59132\posh-git.psm1

** To check the location of your own posh-git module, you can run the following statement from within Git Shell: (Get-Module -Name posh-git).Path

If you'd like more info on how to load the posh-git module into a non 'Git Shell' PowerShell console, check out this gist: https://gist.github.com/bcdady/e3ac78cd27e4dcd82699

Here is an example of how the posh-git module looks, in a PowerShell console PowerShell posh-git example