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CFML client library for ArangoDB.

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develop: Build Status: develop


  • Railo 4.1+, or Adobe ColdFusion 10+
  • ArangoDB 1.4+, 2.0+


  1. Clone the repository:
    git clone
  2. Add mapping to the code (not necessary if project is cloned into your project/webserver root). Use one of the following methods:
    1. Railo/ACF Application.cfc mapping:
    this.mappings["/org"] = [/path/to/CFArango]/org
    1. Railo Component resource mapping:
      • Navigate to the administrator page (server or web depending on how wide you desire access)
      • Under Archives & Resources > Component, add a resouce:
        • Name = cfarango
        • Resource = /path/to/CFArango (NOTE: do not add the /org to the resource path!) r
    2. ACF custom tag path
      • Add /path/to/CFArango to the custom tags path
        • Can be set in the Administrator under Extensions > Custom Tag Paths
        • Can be set in Application.cfc


// representative of the defaults
conn = new org.jdsnet.arangodb.Connection()

// representative of the defaults

var database = conn.getDatabase("_system");

var collection = database.createCollection("test");
var relation = database.createEdgeCollection("relation");

doc1 ={
	"key" : "value" // use quotes around the key to preserve case

var doc2 = collection.newDocument({
	"key" : "value"

// different ways to create relations
doc1.createEdge("relation").to(doc2).save();	// creates an "outbound" relation from doc1 to doc2
doc1.createEdge("relation").from(doc2).save();	// creates an "inbound" relation from doc2 to doc1

relation.newDocument().from(doc1).to(doc2).save(); // same as first example of creating an edge.

// delete a document - note, any edges referencing this document are orphaned currently

// queries
  // AQL
  var stmt = database.prepareStatement("for document filter key == @key in collection return document")
  var cursor = stmt.execute({"key" : "value"});

  // reading the result set
    // option 1
    var result = cursor.toArray();
    // option 2
    var result = cursor.toQuery();
    // option 3
    while (cursor.hasNext()) {  // or hasNextBatch
        writedump(; // or nextBatch
    // option 4
    cursor.each(function(doc) {  // or eachBatch
        writedump(doc); // or batch
  // Read By Example
  var cursor = collection.queryByExample({"key":"value"});
  var cursor = collection.fullTextSearch("");
  // Update By Example
  var result = collection.updateByExample(example={}, update={});
  // Replace By Example
  var result = collection.replaceByExample(example={}, update={});
  // Delete By Example
  var result = collection.deleteByExample(example={});