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Flickr C API library
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docs Added min_fave_date and max_fave_date to flickcurl_favorites_getList
examples a little error handling
getopt Add libgetopt convenience library
libmtwist @ 5c9b486 Make libtwist a convenience library
src Properly initialize oauth request/access token call params
utils collections.getTree - handle now args case. Closes #31
.gitignore do not ignore flickr.conf
.gitmodules Add libmtwist as a git submodule
.travis.yml preserve maintainer mode
AUTHORS Added Vanila I. Shu copyright to AUTHORS and contacts code
COPYING Update COPYING to latest FSF addresses
COPYING.LIB Update COPYING to latest FSF addresses
ChangeLog #changes
LICENSE-2.0.txt flickcurl 0.3
LICENSE.html 2014 Fix HTML rules
NEWS.html Bumped version to 1.27
README.html Mention in README - closes #29 more markdown Handle updated glibtoolize (OSX) name in --version Bumped version to 1.27
coverage.html Implement flickr.tags.getMostFrequentlyUsed tidy vars
flickcurl.conf.example Added flickcurl.conf.example example ~/.flickcurl.conf file Always use Requires: - for libcurl and libxml Flickcurl is in GIT use PACKAGE

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