Fast automatic image and video devignetting.
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DotDevignetting - Fast automatic image and video devignetting (lens shading correction).
Use it for standalone image correction or real-time video correction (e.g. live-feed from camera).


Output sample     Output sample


  • Image devignetting:
  var image = ImageIO.LoadColor("(your image)").Clone();
  image.Devignette(optimizeVignettingCentre: true);
  image.Show("Corrected", scaleForm: true);
  • Video devignetting:
  //initialize capture and buffer
  VideoCaptureBase capture = new FileCapture("(your video)"); // /*or*/ capture = new CameraCapture();
  Bgr<byte>[,] frame = null;

  //initialize devignetting alg
  capture.ReadTo(ref frame);
  var devignetting = new Devignetting(frame, optimizeVignettingCentre: true);

  //do the job
      capture.ReadTo(ref frame);
      if (frame == null) break;


Getting started

  • Readme file - shown upon installation of the NuGet package.
  • Samples

How to Engage, Contribute and Provide Feedback

Remember: Your opinion is important and will define the future roadmap.

  • questions, comments - message on Github, or write to: darko.juric2 [at]
  • spread the word

Final word

If you like the project please star it in order to help to spread the word. That way you will make the framework more significant and in the same time you will motivate me to improve it, so the benefit is mutual.