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PBoH Entity Linking system.

Code: beta version

Paper: "Probabilistic Bag-Of-Hyperlinks Model for Entity Linking" , Ganea O-E et al. , (proc. WWW 2016),

Slides, poster, online system and comparison with existing systems :

Newest GERBIL results:

Indexes download link: . They are required in various places (i.e. wherever there are file paths containing the prefix '/media/hofmann-scratch/'). The files whose names end in part* need to be concatenated in one big file without these suffixes before being used, e.g. one file called anchorsListFromEachWikiPage.txt_dev_index will be made by merging all files anchorsListFromEachWikiPage.txt_dev_index.part*. The provided indexes are already in the suitable format for indexes that are loaded in here: . For the eval datasets , there are indications where to get the data from at the beginning of each file in here: For the AIDA dataset, a sample of the format is shown here: Please contact octavian.ganea at inf dot ethz dot ch to receive the required password and for other questions you might have.

How to run the code:

  • Download the above indexes and update their locations inside the code. Do the same for the test sets.
  • Compile with 'mvn package'. Will generate a self-contained jar called target/PBoH-1.0-SNAPSHOT-jar-with-dependencies.jar
  • Run the code to test PBOH on the datasets mentioned in the paper using the command: scala -J-Xmx90g target/PBoH-1.0-SNAPSHOT-jar-with-dependencies.jar testPBOHOnAllDatasets max-product
  • A new dataset can be added as follows: one needs to write a class similar to eval/datasets/AQUAINT_MSNBC_ACE04.scala that transforms an input text file with entity annotations into an object of type Array[(String, Array[(String,Int, Array[Int])])]. Each element of this list is a pair (doc_name, doc_annotations) in which doc_annotations is a list of entity annotations from the given document in the format ((mention.toLowerCase(), entity, context)). Context is here a list of word IDs of words surrounding the given mention in a window of fixed size. The word IDs are obtained from word strings using the in-memory dictionary index/WordFreqDict.scala.


Source code for the paper "Probabilistic Bag-Of-Hyperlinks Model for Entity Linking" ,



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