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pong coded in c++ using the sfml 1.6 framework
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Here is the source code for my own implementation of the classic arcade game 'Pong'. It is written in C++ and uses the SFML 1.6 API.


This project was a way for me to learn the very basics of game programming and engine design. I decided to share the source code online for those who wish to get started with game programming yet would like an example project to learn from. Additionally, I hope that those more experienced than me would look at my code and apply any fixes or offer suggestions.


  • SFML 1.6 -- This project does NOT include the SFML 1.6 library. In a future release, I plan on including everything needed to compile the code and a make file. For now, please consult the documentation to find out how to setup SFML 1.6 with your IDE of choice.


The included resource files (PressStart2P.ttf, paddleHit.wav, wallHit.wav) must be in the same folder as your executable for the program to work correctly.


There is no licence! Use this code however you wish.

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