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A command line app to send remote control commands to a Sky TV box. Compatible with Sky+HD and Sky Q.



You'll need to install this globally with the -g flag.

npm install -g sky-remote-cli

Controlling a Sky TV box

The first argument must be the IP address of the Sky box you want to control. All arguments after that are commands to send to the box - you can send just one command or many at once (they will be sent in sequence). If connecting to a Sky Q box running formware older than v0.60, pass the --sky_q_legacy flag. The previously used --sky_q flag now has no impact (but is still accepted for compatability).

Turn the box on / off
sky-remote-cli power

or, for Sky Q (with older firmware <0.60):

sky-remote-cli --sky_q_legacy power
Channel up, pause, show info
sky-remote-cli channelup pause i
Change channel to 101
sky-remote-cli 1 0 1

Remote control commands

sky power

tvguide or home boxoffice services or search interactive or sidebar

up down left right select

channelup channeldown i

backup or dismiss text help

play pause rewind fastforward stop record

red green yellow blue

0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

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