a lua template engine like a famous python template engine jinja2
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lutem (short for LUa TEMplate engine) is a template render
engine like jinja2(a famous template engine written in Python)
It's used for auto code generation, dynamic html page generation
or other kinds of dynamic text generation

Template Syntax
The syntax is almost the same with jinja2 or Django template, 

Loop generate:

{% for k in mp %}
...  --this area would be repeated
{% endfor %}

variable replacement:
{{ variable/raw }}
variable example: {{ xxx }} {{ tbl.v }}
special raw:  {{ '{{' }}

Template Inheritance
child template inheritance by parent template:
{% extends abc.tmpl %}

Declare block:
{% block blockname %}
{% endblock %}

The child template will overwrite the parent's block content
if correspond block name declared in child template

See the test.lua and test.tmpl