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Passwordless login package for Laravel
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Laravel Passwordless Auth


  • Routes are predefined (default is /passwordless/login)
  • Sign-in and/or sign-up mode
  • Sends sign-in email
  • Send mail throttling

To get started, install package with composer:

composer require dam1r89/passwordless-auth

Register the dam1r89\PasswordlessAuth\PasswordlessAuthServiceProvider provider in config/app.php configuration file.


Publish configuration.

php artisan vendor:publish --tag=passwordless

Configuration file:

 * Route prefix for sign-in/sign-up form.
'route_prefix' => 'passwordless',

 * This is a model to which LoginToken is saving reference to.
 * Almost always this will be User class.
'provider' => \App\User::class,

 * Number of seconds user must wait before receiving new sign-up link.
'throttle' => 60 * 10,

 * Should user be automatically signed-up if email is not already used
'sign_up' => true,

 * Default redirect to
 * Redirect url after user is signed in and intended url is not set
'redirect_to' => 'home',

 * If user should be "remembered" after sign-in.
'remember' => true,

User must implement dam1r89\PasswordlessAuth\Contracts\UsersProvider contract or if user is instance of eloquent model just use UsersRepository trait.

use dam1r89\PasswordlessAuth\UsersRepository;
use dam1r89\PasswordlessAuth\Contracts\UsersProvider;

class User extends SparkUser implements UsersProvider
    use UsersRepository;

... and run migration

php artisan migrate

Using passwordless as a default sign-in method

In /app/Exceptions/Handler.php change return redirect()->guest(route('login')); to:

return redirect()->guest(route('passwordless.login'));


Publish views and email template.

php artisan vendor:publish --tag=passwordless-views

Views are located under resources/views/vendor/passwordless folder.

To replace current login link with passwordless use this route name:

<a href="{{ route('passwordless') }}">Login</a>

Passwordless Links

Sometimes you want to send a link via email that will automatically sign-in user. You can do that with PasswordlessLink class. Exemple for notifications.

use dam1r89\PasswordlessAuth\PasswordlessLink;

$link = PasswordlessLink::for($notifiable)->url('/route/to/resource');

Note: It is dangerous to forward emails with unused sign-in links because link gives direct access to account.

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