RISE: "Live" Reveal.js Jupyter/IPython Slideshow Extension
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RISE allows you to instantly turn your Jupyter Notebooks into a slideshow. No out-of-band conversion is needed, switch from jupyter notebook to a live reveal.js-based slideshow in a single keystroke, and back.

Basic usage


RISE stands for Reveal.js - Jupyter/IPython Slideshow Extension:


From the most simple to the most complex one, you have 3 options:

Option 1 - Using conda (recommended):

conda install -c conda-forge rise

If you are a Julia user, you can do this from the Julia REPL with

using Conda

Option 2 - Using pip (less recommended):

pip install RISE

and then one more step to install the JS and CSS in the proper places:

jupyter-nbextension install rise --py --sys-prefix

As of version 5.3.0, it is no longer required to explicitly enable the nbextension, which you would do with

jupyter-nbextension enable rise --py --sys-prefix

Option 3 - The old way (are sure sure you want to go this path?):

To install this nbextension, simply run python setup.py install from the RISE repository (please use the latest tag available or try master if you want).

And then the same step as described in the pip-based installation:

jupyter-nbextension install rise --py --sys-prefix


If you use conda, life will be easy ;-)

NOTE: in all the options available the --sys-prefix option will install and enable the extension in the current environment, if you want a --user based or a --system based installation just use those options instead in the above commands.


To install RISE in development mode, see the Developer section of the RISE documentation.


If you have any feedback, or find any bugs, please let me know just opening an issue.