WS2811/12 patterns for ATtiny85 + switch!
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ATtiny85 Pixel Switcher

For use with ATtiny85 (or Arduino!) and WS2811 LEDs


  • Download Adafruit's NeoPixel library
  • Get the ATtiny cores for Arduino & a programmer
  • Attach your LED data line to Digital Pin 4
  • Attach momentary push button/switch to Digital Pin 0
  • Upload the sample sketch and enjoy your light show!
  • Create and share patterns of your own :-)


Useful Files

  • attiny_pixel_touch.ino - uses the Capacitive Sense library to switch things
  • attiny_pixel_switcher.ino - switches pattern with a button or momentary switch

More Info

Need help getting started with ATtiny and lights? I wrote an Instructable on the subject.

If you're seeing 'R_AVR_13_PCREL' errors when you try to compile, try this thread for solutions. This is a known problem with Arduino IDE, ATtiny and sketches > 4k.