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Biofeedback application based on Zeo Raw Data Library
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ZeoScope is a biofeedback application based on Zeo Raw Data Library


  • Lucid Dream Sound Alarm, including support of Bluetooth speakers/headsets
  • Recording Zeo full sleep sessions
  • Displaying Zeo saved sessions
  • Simultaneous display of EEG signal, Frequency bins and Sleep Stage graphs. These three graphs are synchronized between each other
  • Automatic detection of FTDI devices used to connect to Zeo port

The following functionality is supported when using Bluetooth speakers/headsets:

  • Stop playing Sound Alarm by pressing Play/Pause, Next Track, Previous Track buttons
  • Start Sleep Data recording when pressing Play/Pause button

Tested Bluetooth speakers/headsets:

Feature list planned for near future:

  • Eye movement detection for controlling Dream Alarm and recording Lucid Dreams
  • Custom Lucid dream alert using Bluetooth bracelet



Viewing Sleep Data

(Sleep spindle in background)

Alarm settings page

Alarm Sound description

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